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Newer non-sedating antihistamines are generally thought to be somewhat less effective.Antihistamine side effects that very occasionally occur include urine retention in males and fast heart rate.

Antihistamines frequently cause mouth dryness and sleepiness.If by allergic reaction you are referring to seasonal allergies, the gold-standard therapy is daily nasal steroid sprays and/or antihistamine nasal sprays. Read more Flixonase or Flonase (fluticasone proprionate) is a steroid nasal spray commonly used to treat allergic rhinitis by decreasing the allergic inflammation in the nasal mucosa. While some people find temporary relief for insect bites with this, in general it is not very effective compared to other antihistamines taken as pills or tabs.Nasal saline rinses, avoidance measures, and if refractory to treatment, allergy shots can also be helpful. For generalized rash, it really doesn't make sense. Read more First generation antihistamines (benadryl, clor-pheramine, atarax) cross the blood brain barrier and cause lethargy.Often referred to as the nonsedating antihistamines.They compete with histamine for histamine receptor type 1 (H1) receptor sites in the blood vessels, GI tract, and respiratory tract, which, in turn, inhibits physiologic effects that histamine normally induces at the H1 receptor sites.

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Most cases of allergic rhinitis respond to pharmacotherapy.