Dating fruit jars

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Dating fruit jars

However, I have never found any concrete evidence to back up this claim.

Lately, these jars have sold for more on on-line auctions such as e Bay.

Lewis Boyd filed a patent in 1869 for "an improved mode of preventing corrosion in metallic caps" i.e. This innovation kept food from coming in contact with the zinc in the screw caps.

Boyd was actually one of three men who gained control of the patent for screw caps and jars originally filed by John L. "Boyd's Porcelain Lined Caps" or zinc screw lids for mason jars were made well into the 20th century (at least the 1950s) and were interchangeable with the millions of mason jars made by hundreds of different manufacturers.

However, there are a few ways to make an educated guess at the date of an antique jar or bottle.

The earliest advertisements for the Lightning jar date back to the year 1885. Putnam was the man behind the marketing of the Lightning jars and making them popular. Putnam also held exclusive ownership of the patents, and for many years, claimed the impressive profits from selling the jars.The Lightning jars became popular because the glass lids prevented food contact with metal, the metal clamps were cheap to produce and the lids themselves were much easier to seal and remove.The name Lightning suggested that the jars were quick and easy to use.The makers of Boyd fruit jars are different from the "Boyd" milk glass inserts.Some of the Boyd jars were made by the Greenfield Fruit Jar and Bottle Company in Greenfield, IN while others were made by the Illinois Glass Company/Illinois Pacific Glass Company.

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