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After tests and scans, CWD Ringo was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. He received 20 treatments and started to enjoy retirement.Even thou his retirement was brief, he enjoyed attending events as an ambassador of K9 Hero Haven. The tumor effected his balance and caused him to fall and be unsteady.(Thank you baby, Jesus.) For the record, I really wanted to name this blog post: …but people like lists…so here they are… I felt like I was dealing with a 5th grader, instead of a man who wanted to date me. good-looking, but I went on the date with him anyway.

Larry proudly served in the United States Marine Corp. K9 Hero Haven would like express our deepest sympathies for the Porter family in their time of loss. Porter, thank you for service to our country and support for our mission. CWD Ringo served his life in Afghanistan and retired in June of 2017.

CWD Ringo touched so many lives during his short retirement life.

CWD Ringo proved to be as much or more of a hero in retirement as he was while on the job. He served as a police K9 for Asheville NC from 2006 -2015 then retired to K9 Hero Haven in PA.

Boris found 21 suspects who would never been identified without him.

Boris located one missing person who was dying from hypothermia and blood loss.

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A second surprise is also waiting for Sarah: K·9 Mark III, a gift left for her by her old friend, the Doctor.