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Gdf suez formular online dating

Europe's demand for gas is set to remain stable or even rise as Germany, Europe's largest economy and one of Gazprom's most important clients, considers dropping nuclear power.As an alternative bridge technology, German Chancellor Angela Merkel last month mentioned plans to build modern gas-fired power stations.Gazprom Chief Executive Officer Alexei Miller met with Ukraine's Energy Minister Yuri Boiko in Kiev to discuss prices for natural gas deliveries to Ukraine.

The Russians are in a comfortable negotiating position.Talks collapsed last month after GDF offered to transfer assets into IP in return for a majority stake.But IP, led by chief executive Philip Cox, believed that the bid undervalued the British company, which has stakes in more than 45 power stations around the world.IP was believed to have brought in investment bank Nomura to work on defence tactics.As well as European locations like Italy, Portugal and Spain, IP has operations in distant territories including Pakistan, Australia and Indonesia.

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