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The content and focus of the bachelor program enables graduates to continue and deepen their knowledge in master studies related chemical and toxicological fields.The study is useful as a preparation for the study at a foreign university.Profile of graduates and their prospective employment: Graduates in Graphics and Multimedia have been trained in creating graphic designs, graphic arts and visual communication generally.They are able to use any traditional graphic techniques.Entrance examination in chemistry at the high school level of knowledge for all applicants consists of a written part. Graduated bachelor is analytical chemist with advanced knowledge of toxicology and English.Graduate will be able to perform basic chemical laboratory operations, apply the basic theoretical and practical knowledge of chemistry, microbiology and toxicology, and master the acquisition and evaluation of experimental data and their subsequent interpretation in English.

It also provides a substantial background for the follow-on Master´s degree programme.The program will equip students with the knowledge of management and coordination, as well as the skill of reflecting internal and external factors of social work performance and ability of solving emerging dilemmas.Based on the Diploma Supplement label, the Degree is recognised within the EU market, where the graduates can find the employment at social and public services.Organization The studies follow common Study and Examination Rules of the doctoral study programme.Specific organisational problems, which may occur, are discussed here in greater detail.

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