Hibernate saveorupdate not updating

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Hibernate saveorupdate not updating

I am guessing - Transaction Manager (using default) - Caching (using default) - hashcode and equals implementations I also do get the object back, but it's just not persisted to the database. Also, Although i invoke flush here, it worked even without it.basically this test succeeds public void test Insert() throws Data Access Exception Wrapping it in a transaction did it for me. Account a = new Account(); Account Name("Direct Create"); Account Type("standard"); trycatch(Exception e)Hi guys, After we migratged from Hibernate 2 to Hibernate 3 we were facing the same problem.the code throws no exception and am able to get back the new object after inserting the value. Hello, I am new to Hibernate and facing very basic problem and not able to found what's issue in the code ...... You said, you are saving the data, Did you check if it is getting saved successfully or requires you to commit the transaction? Did you actually run a query across the database and check if there are any rows with id "123"? I know the problem is because of commit ..where I need to put the commit info ??Why hibernate is advantageous over Entity Beans & JDBC?Ans: An entity bean always works under the EJB container, which allows reusing of the object external to the container.

Using the Or Update(my Object) might give you a unknown entity while using the same method with the class name in parameter won’t.

We're giving away four copies of Getting started with Spring Framework: covers Spring 5 and have J Sharma & Ashish Sarin on-line! Hi all, I have written a simple example of storing "Cat" object in the Hibernate Example.

I have written the client code as foloows in the servlet: ........... Cat princess = new Cat(); Name("Princess"); Sex('F'); Weight(7.4f); println("Hello World 1"); Configuration cfg = new Configuration().configure(); Session Factory session Factory = cfg.build Session Factory(); println("Hello World 2"); Session sess = session Session(); Transaction tx= sess.begin Transaction(); println("Creating Cat"); sess.save(princess); tx.commit(); println("Committing Cat..."); sess.close(); ............ All the messages are displayed in the server console properly and no exception messages are observed.

Ans: The configuration files xml (or hibernate.properties) and mapping files *xml are used by the Configuration class to create (i.e.configure and bootstrap hibernate) the Session Factory, which in turn creates the Session instances.

Ans: The properties that are not mapped to a column, but calculated at runtime by evaluation of an expression are called derived properties.

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First-level cache is associated with the Session object, while second-level cache is associated with the Session Factory object.