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Shinsengumi receives advice from Umi-Bouzu, a legendary alien-buster of Yato, they put a cordon around the area. In the second part it's Valentine's Day and Kagura is having trouble with giving her chocolate to Gintoki and Shinpachi.

Stars: Tomokazu Sugita, Daisuke Sakaguchi, Rie Kugimiya, Mikako Takahashi This wall is strange! Gintoki vs Hattori Zenzou..saint seiya ninja white,ninja glasses,ninja holstein and double curry ninja deadly technique : "they're actually throwing curry at us! Director: Yôichi Fujita Sachan's glasses get broken and she needs them replaced.

ep98-99: Zura and Elizabeth as the Mario Bros,elder sword and Hijikata's foot hit the sign and he lost all his HP. M=Madao ep126-127: Shinpachi is nothing but 95% glasses , 3 % water and 2 % trash and Followkata Toshifollow!!!

" ep88: Katsura's rap, Gintoki being a bully and Gintoki x Kyuubei ep94: Kinniku buster and attorney Sakata. ep111 don't ever let your girfriend see your transvestite items Agomi janai Azumi yo ep113: cleaning toilets is just like cleaning your spirit Kondo: i can't... ep121-122: Gin's joystick got turned into a screw driver!

He was given a job by the Hasegawa family, Hatsu brought Hasegawa a suit but he never wore it.

The word bears many different meanings, but they are basically shortened Japanese phrases. ' That Madao's so old-fashioned.' 8.

Even though this is not an actual name, in the anime, Taizou Hasegawa, a formally employed government worker would be referred as one, and many of the main characters would refer to Hasegawa as "Madao", though it is unknown which of the many meanings of madao Hasegawa is referred as. ' Check out that madao, trying to act so cool.' 3.

Throughout the series he is seen wearing various disguises and has been shown in different styles for gags.

He is a kind and good-hearted man but he always ends up alone, sad and miserable. He treasures them as the only thing he could hold on to after losing his job and his wife left him.

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ep110: Prison Gate Island Zura sleeping with eyes wide open . ep115: Shinpachi's run, Gintoki's Kamehameha and elderly Gintoki Zura.

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