Updating to windows vista

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Updating to windows vista

Before proceeding, I suggest reading the "Scenario Two - Upgrade Install from Previous Versions to Windows 8" section on the Installation Scenarios for Windows 8 page.

It explains the different options displayed in the "Choose What To Keep" step in setup.

I'm not sure what verification mechanism is being used for Windows 8.

This install uses a 32bit Windows 8 Pro version downloaded from Tech Net.

There is a percent completed indicator and the warning the system will restart several times.

If you want to cancel the installation, use the Cancel button.

Product Key - This is a big departure from previous Windows versions.

In order to install Windows 8, you must have a product key.

This "Choose What to Keep" screen is new to Windows 8 and a departure from previous Windows install routines.

The choices you see here are dependent on the current installed operating system.

A complete discussion of "Choose What to Keep" screen options and availability is located here.

For assistance with the installation of a graphics driver, contact the manufacturer of the computer or the manufacturer of the computer's video adapter.

To identify the manufacturer and model of the computer's video adapter or chipset, use the Direct X Diagnostic Tool included with Windows 8, Windows 7, and Vista.

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Once the bootable media is created, open Windows Explorer, navigate to the DVD or USB drive and double click